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Winning and Delivering Business Overseas

Date of event 3rd October 2013

Over the last two days (1st and 2nd of October) Wickham Laboratories participated in the workshop organised by the UK Trade and Investment government organisation whose major objective is to support businesses looking to export their products or services overseas.

The course was part of the training supplied within the Passport to Export scheme that Wickham Laboratories is committed to for the next 12 up to 18 months, and focused on winning and delivering export business. The workshop benefited from the variety of activities and topics covered as well as the limited amount of delegates per session. It was a great opportunity to learn how other companies approach their strategic planning and what obstacles they face on the way to acquire customers in their chosen countries. Sharing ideas and searching for solutions were the most insightful elements of the course. Being given some ‘management time’ to think specifically about our international development and getting challenged on different levels turned out to be the right method to get to know what aspects need to be taken into account while preparing the expansion plan.

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