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General Microbiology Testing

At Wickham Micro, we have a fully equipped microbiology facility and our staff are knowledgeable in a wide range of medical device and pharmaceutical  microbiology testing methods. With over 60 years of testing behind us, we are experienced with both regulatory expectations and those of our clients, and utilise industry standard harmonised methods compliant with Ph Eur, USP, JP and ISO standards to tackle the challenges of each individual project.
We understand just how crucial microbiological quality is in the product development life cycle and regularly perform microbiological testing for the pharmaceutical industry, conducting analysis of a variety of pharmaceutical products for batch release into European and International markets.  We are also able to undertake development work in medical devices to confirm proof of concept, in addition to the routine requirements of sterilisation and bioburden testing.
We provide a wide range of high standard microbiology validation and quality control services including:

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