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General Microbiology Testing

In House Media Prep

At Wickham Micro, we pride ourselves on sourcing and using only the best materials in all of our testing procedures.  As part of this, we operate an in-house media preparation facility where our dedicated media preparation team prepare a wide assortment of the routine media used in our day to day testing.  This includes agars, liquid broths, diluents, wash fluids and sterile instruments.

Microbiological media must be handled correctly to ensure the sterility and performance of the media in use.  There are many components of culture media that can be damaged by exposure to excessive heat treatment resulting in nutrient destruction, either by thermal degradation or reaction between components; toxic products may also be produced.  As part of our quality processes, all our dehydrated media and reagents are stored in a dedicated storeroom with climate control monitored by our continuous temperature handling system.

Using glassware cleaned by validated washing cycles and individual methods of preparation (recipes), the media preparation team meticulously produces around 200 different products. All our in house media is made in compliance with the formulations as specified in the international standards such as Ph. Eur, USP, etc. and then sterilised via validated autoclave cycles.  Throughout this process, we conduct a series of quality checks to ensure only the highest quality product is provided for use within our laboratories.

As a contract testing laboratory, we are fully aware of the potential health risks derived from culture media and reagents of animal origin, such as Transmissible Spongiform Encephalitis (TSE) and Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis (BSE). To prevent this, we only use reputable suppliers that are able to provide us with a certificate of suitability confirming they use only non-BSE / TSE countries to source these components.

Our media preparation department boasts several high-capacity autoclaves for preparation of media and disposal of contaminated wastes. We also have our own in-house reverse osmosis (RO) and de-ionised water supply and a discrete media preparation lab with large powder cabinets, ensuring aseptic media preparation can be carried out safely and accurately every time.

This pursuit of quality in all aspects of the testing life cycle is something we strive for constantly at Wickham Micro.  Having an in-house media preparation department, unlike many smaller contract testing facilities, provides both us and our clients with the assurance that all of the media we use in testing has been produced to the highest standards by our trained and experienced staff utilising only validated processes and equipment.

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