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Microbiology Qualified Person Training

QP Training Introduction

Wickham Micro, A Cormica Lab, offers a comprehensive one-day training program designed to meet the needs of aspiring Qualified Persons (QP). The training aims to equip professionals with an in-depth understanding of various aspects of microbiology as related to pharmaceutical production and distribution.

Why Choose Our QP Training?

Our expert microbiologists will provide a comprehensive overview of essential microbiological principles, aligning closely with each Qualified Person requirement. The course offers an in-depth look at each area, complemented by a guided lab tour where attendees can witness our rigorous testing processes firsthand. Questions are encouraged to ensure a well-rounded understanding of the subject matter.*
* Confidentiality during lab tours is of utmost importance and will be addressed accordingly.


QP Training Learning Objectives


  • Upon completion of the course, participants will acquire a broad understanding of the following:
  • Sources and Types of Microorganisms: Understanding microbial relevance in pharmaceutical production.
  • Production of Sterile and Non-sterile Products: Gain insight into environmental controls crucial for both small and large molecule pharmaceutical production.
  • Bacterial Endotoxins: Their sources, removal methods, and testing protocols.
  • Microbiology of Water: Learn about the different grades of water, their production, use, and control.
  • Validation of Microbiological Test Methods: Understanding the importance and process of validation .
  • Interpretation of Microbiological Data: Gain proficiency in data interpretation to inform decision-making.
  • Microbiological Specifications: Knowing how to set and evaluate specifications for quality control.
  • Environmental Monitoring in Microbiology: Learn the procedures, techniques, and best practices for monitoring the microbial environment within a production facility.
  • Failure Investigations / OOS / Challenges Faced: Understand how to approach and manage Out-of-Specification (OOS) results and failure investigations, as well as identify and surmount challenges in a microbiological setting.

Note: Areas of limited expertise such as Sterilisation and Disinfection methods, and advances in rapid and automated methods of microbiological testing, are acknowledged but are not a focus in this course.


Qualified Persons Program Coordination

The program is conducted on-site in Gosport, UK and includes lunch. Given the hands-on nature of the training, it is organised in a way that allows for real-time observation, offering a holistic learning experience.
To ensure the seamless execution of the training sessions, a senior member of our staff or technical experts will facilitate your scheduled training session. This ensures that participants get the most from the training, facilitated by experienced professionals in the field.

Once you have registered  and your session confirmed, a detailed plan of the training day will be sent out ahead of time. 
As this training is being performed on-site, if you're traveling from afar, we're more than willing to assist in providing information to help you arrange accommodation nearby.


Register Now – First session QP Training session in Q1 2024

The QP Microbiology Training at Wickham Micro is an invaluable opportunity for professionals to deepen their understanding of microbiology in a pharmaceutical setting. Don't miss out on this opportunity to invest in your professional development. Contact us to register or for more information.

For enquiries, please reach out to us at sales@wickhammicro.co.uk or call +44 (0)1329 226600

We look forward to hosting you at our facility and aiding in your professional development.

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