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Disinfectant Efficacy Testing

We offer comprehensive disinfectant efficacy testing services to support the validation and compliance needs of our clients. At Wickham Micro, we are a GMP/GLP compliant laboratory with over 60 years of global experience in specialized pharmaceutical and medical device testing, particularly in the field of microbiology.

Disinfectant Validation and Consultancy


Our expert team at Wickham Micro understands the importance of sanitation within clean rooms and pharmaceutical production areas. We can provide analytical support for disinfectant testing and validation, ensuring that your surfaces are effectively cleaned and free from microorganisms. As per EU GMP Annex 1 regulations, clean rooms should be thoroughly cleaned in accordance with a written program. Our consultancy services can assist you in developing and implementing an appropriate disinfectant program tailored to your specific needs.


Disinfectant Efficacy Studies


One vital component of disinfectant programs is disinfectant efficacy studies or disinfectant validation. These studies are essential to demonstrate the effectiveness of the disinfectants used within the manufacturing environment. Wickham Micro follows industry standards, such as BS EN 13697, for disinfectant validation. Testing is performed in triplicate against your required surfaces, utilizing pharmacopeia standard organisms and predetermined contact times. Additionally, we have the capabilities to analyze specific isolates found in your facility, enabling us to include them as part of the validation process.


Expanded Testing Capabilities


In addition to BS EN 13697, we offer testing services based on various other standards such as BS EN 1040, BS EN 1275, BS EN 1276, BS EN 1650, BS EN 13727, and BS EN 13624. Our extensive testing capabilities ensure that we can meet your specific requirements for disinfectant efficacy testing.


Cleaning Validations and Monitoring Programs


At Wickham Micro, we understand the importance of maintaining clean and safe manufacturing environments. Apart from disinfectant efficacy studies, we also conduct cleaning validations and monitoring programs. These studies demonstrate that harmful residues, organisms, and microorganisms are properly removed during cleaning, ensuring the elimination of contamination from manufacturing equipment and controlled areas.


Customized Protocols and Testing Methods


We recognize that each client may have unique testing needs. Therefore, our experienced team can customize protocols to meet your specific requirements for disinfectant validation. We offer various application methods, including spraying, wiping, and using sponsor-provided application tools. The exposure time for disinfectant contact can be adjusted to align with your preferred methods.


Accurate and Reliable Results


At Wickham Micro, we maintain stringent quality control measures to ensure accurate and reliable results. Our testing protocols include recovery controls, disinfectant neutralization/toxicity/interference controls, and extraction efficiency testing. These measures validate that the disinfectants used are effective and that the test results are not affected by external factors.


Trust Wickham Micro for Disinfectant Efficacy Testing


With our wealth of experience and commitment to quality, Wickham Micro is your trusted partner for disinfectant efficacy testing. We offer a comprehensive range of services to support your validation and compliance requirements. Contact us today to discuss your disinfectant testing needs and benefit from our expertise in microbiology and pharmaceutical testing.


Disinfectant Efficacy Testing FAQ's


Q: What is the importance of disinfectant validation and consultancy?

A: Disinfectant validation and consultancy are essential for ensuring the effectiveness of disinfectants in maintaining clean and safe environments, particularly in clean rooms and pharmaceutical production areas. The validation process involves testing the disinfectants against specific organisms and surfaces to verify their efficacy. It helps organisations comply with regulatory requirements, such as the EU GMP Annex 1 regulations, which mandate thorough cleaning of clean rooms according to a written program. The consultancy services provided by our experts  assist in developing and implementing appropriate disinfectant programs tailored to the specific needs of the facility.

Q: What are disinfectant efficacy studies?

A: Disinfectant efficacy studies, also known as disinfectant validation studies, are conducted to evaluate and demonstrate the effectiveness of disinfectants in eliminating or reducing microorganisms in a given environment. These studies involve testing disinfectants against target organisms on different surfaces, using predetermined contact times and application methods. By following industry standards and protocols, such as BS EN 13697, disinfectant efficacy studies provide scientific evidence of a disinfectant's ability to kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms. These studies are crucial for ensuring that disinfectants used in manufacturing environments meet the required standards and effectively control contamination risks.

Q: When should you start Disinfectant Efficacy Testing?

A: Disinfectant efficacy testing should be conducted when implementing a new disinfectant program, introducing new disinfectant products, or when there are changes in the manufacturing environment that may impact the effectiveness of the disinfection process. It is important to start disinfectant efficacy testing during the development or validation phase to ensure that the chosen disinfectants are effective in controlling microbial contamination. Regular monitoring and re-evaluation of disinfectant efficacy should also be performed to verify the continued effectiveness of the disinfection protocols. Compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards, along with a proactive approach to maintaining clean and safe environments, are key factors in determining when to initiate disinfectant efficacy testing.

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