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Pharmaceutical Product Testing

Microbial Identification

At Wickham Micro, we specialise in rapid microbial identification of the microorganisms commonly encountered in pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing facilities via the Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionisation-Time of Flight (MALDI-ToF) method.

MALDI-ToF utilises mass spectrometry to identify bacteria and yeasts, among other organisms, to species level within minutes. This happens by producing a unique protein fingerprint (or spectra) for each microorganism that is correlated to those on record in a pre-populated database of microorganisms.

We offer expedited turnaround times for our microbial identification service. Expedited testing can significantly increase the speed in which you get your results and help you meet tight deadlines. 

Our prices for identification are competitive and for any organism not matching those present in our database, we will also provide an identification free of any additional charges. Further details regarding this service can be found in our Terms & Conditions, which are available upon request.

The introduction of this rapid method has improved ID accuracy and compliance, reducing requirements for repeat testing, in addition to making rapid same day identification a possibility.  In comparison to traditional identification methods, MALDI-ToF is much more sensitive and economical in terms of labour.

In GMP regulated environments, it is vital to know what the background flora of your facilities are, in order to maintain the levels of cleanliness required, and take appropriate action as necessary.  Our expert microbiologists can assist in identifying your contaminant quickly, and accurately, and can support you in assessing the risk to your process or product.

Over the years, we have been heavily involved in determining the identification and source of several high profile contamination investigations. Additionally, we are able to subcontract genomic testing work, in order to provide a more comprehensive service.  Through our in-house and subcontracting microbial identification methods, we can identify thousands of microorganisms, and work closely with our clients to determine the best way forward for their particular needs.  We are also continually assessing new technologies and methods to complement our current service offerings, and assist our clients further with their particular requirements.

Why Outsource Microbial Identification?

We have an expert team of microbiologists specialising in microbial identification testing using biochemical techniques alongside the newest technology.  Outsourcing identification to Wickham Micro means that you get a quick and accurate result without the burden of high labour and the costs associated with ongoing maintenance and validation of the equipment required for these services.

More information on MALDI-ToF can be found via our application note on ‘MALDI-ToF as a Valid Alternative for Microbial Identification‘.  Over the past year we have also produced a variety of microbial facts sheets on a number of organisms, which can all be identified using MALDI-ToF. All of these fact sheets can be found in our Resource Centre.

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