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Cormica and Wickham Micro's 2024 Conference Schedule

Date of event 1st May 2024

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Please be advised that depending on when you are viewing this page, a number of these events may have already taken place. This is the full list of conferences Cormica and Wickham Micro are attending in 2024.




SAE Media Group's 16th Annual Pre-Filled Syringes and Injectable Drug Devices Conference

Pre-Filled Syringes and Injectable Drug Devices: 9th-11th January, London.

(Cormica speaking on 'Navigating ISO 11608'.)

Background image of people at a conference presentation. Overlaying text to promote Cormica presenting at the Medical Technology UK conference 2024.

Medical Technology UK: 13th-14th March, Coventry.

Presenting on Medical Devices testing, ISO10993 contact medical devices vs ISO18562 gas pathway medical devices.

Hero image with a background of pharmaceutical production line, and text promoting Making Pharmaceuticals conference Making Pharmaceuticals: 23rd-24th April, Coventry. 
Hero image with the city of Prague in the background, text promoting to meet and watch us present at the 5th annual BTEL summit.

5th Annual BTEL Summit: 24th-26th April, Prague.

Speaking on Medical Devices Testing, ISO10993 Contact Medical Devices vs ISO18562 Gas Pathway Medical

Join us at Bio integrates on 15th May 2024. Bio Integrates 2024: 15th May, Cambridge.
Background image of a pre-filled syringe with the extractables and leachables USA and Cormica logos Extractables and Leachables USA: 21st-22nd May, Bethesda, MD.
Background image of dye package seal testing, with Cormica's Christopher Mills in the foreground alongside the logos of Cormica and the conference

Med Tech Innovation 2024: 5th-6th June, Birmingham.

Speaking on medical device transit testing on Wednesday 5th June (14:20-14:40).

Background of Canary Wharf with the Health Tech Integrates and Cormica Logo's overlaying it. Text box promoting Cormica exhibiting at the conference. Health Tech Integrates: 25th June, Canary Wharf, London.
Background image of Fiera Milano (Rho), the venue for CPHI conference, with text accompanied by Italian flag and CPHI logo, promoting our attendance and that you can meet us there. CPHI: 8th-10th October, Milan, Italy.
PDA Universe of Pre-Filled Syringes: 23rd October, Phoenix, AZ
Background image of people at a conference, with logos of Cormica and Pharmig in the foreground. Pharmig 32nd Annual Conference: 20th-21st November, Nottingham.
Background image of Edinburgh skyline with the DDL conference logo alongside the Cormica logo. DDL 2024: 11th-13th December, Edinburgh.


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