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Wickham Micro Increases Capacity for MALDI-ToF Testing to Accelerate Microbial Identification in Medical Devices

Date of event 25th September 2023

Wickham Micro, a group laboratory of Cormica and a leading provider of Microbiology Contract testing services for medical devices and pharmaceutical manufacturers, is pleased to announce the expansion of its MALDI-ToF (Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time-of-Flight) testing capabilities. By adding a new MALDI-ToF instrument to its laboratory in Gosport, Hampshire, the company has increased its capacity for microbial identification testing.

Addressing Growing Demand for Accurate and Rapid Microbial Identification

As the medical device and pharmaceutical industries evolve, so does the need for quicker and more precise microbial identification. MALDI-ToF technology is increasingly recognised as the one of the highest standards for these critical tasks, essential for ensuring product safety, efficacy, and regulatory compliance. Wickham Micro’s enhanced capacity is designed to meet this rising demand, offering clients a robust, reliable service that aligns with their production and release schedules.


Jennifer Bannatyne, MALDI-ToF Expert at Wickham Micro, said, 'The addition of our new MALDI-ToF instrument is more than just an expansion; it's a significant stride toward enhancing the reliability and speed of microbial identification for our clients. As well as increased capacity for Bacterial Identifications and the reduced chance of downtime due to servicing requirements, the additional Maldi-ToF unit will give us capacity to work on additional techniques such as identification of moulds by Maldi-ToF. With the aim to have implemented this service prior to 2024.

In an industry where time and accuracy are not just requirements but imperatives, our increased capacity aligns perfectly with Wickham Micro's mission to deliver quality, reliability, and swift market entry for life-saving products. Our commitment to technology and science-based insights empowers us to be at the forefront of innovative testing solutions.'


Commitment to Quality and Safety

The increase of MALDI-ToF capacity is a testament to Wickham Micro's commitment to quality, reliability, and customer service, values shared by its parent company, Cormica. Operating under the highest industry standards, including GMP and GLP the laboratory offers a comprehensive range of testing services.

Benefits of Utilising MALDI-ToF Services

The benefits of leveraging Wickham Micro's newly expanded MALDI-ToF testing capabilities are manifold and are particularly invaluable to professionals in medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing, as well as consultants in these sectors.

  • Speed and Efficiency: Our expanded capacity ensures that we can accommodate more clients without compromising on turnaround times. Rapid and accurate microbial identification is crucial for product development and release, enabling companies to meet regulatory deadlines with confidence.
  • High Accuracy and Sensitivity: MALDI-ToF technology offers a high level of precision, identifying even low-abundance species that other methods may miss. This ensures thorough quality control, thereby enhancing product safety and efficacy.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Our team of experts provide comprehensive data analysis and reporting, designed to meet stringent regulatory guidelines. These reports are both exhaustive and understandable, translating complex data into actionable insights.

The Path Forward

By increasing its MALDI-ToF testing capacity, Wickham Micro is poised to further its mission of improving patients' lives by enabling clients to launch and release their products safely and rapidly across the world. This expansion solidifies Wickham Micro’s position as a leader in the field and underscores its vital role as a Cormica partner laboratory.

For more information on Wickham Micro's MALDI-ToF testing capabilities and comprehensive range of services, please visit: Wickham Microbial Identification Services.


Microbial Identification sales: +44 (0)1329 226600


About Wickham Micro

Wickham Micro is a group laboratory of Cormica, a global leader in comprehensive testing services for medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Located in Gosport, Hampshire, Wickham Micro provides specialised microbiology services, with a focus on quality, reliability, and speed-to-market.  

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