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Wickham Micro Expands Bacterial Endotoxin Testing Facilities to Meet Growing Demand

Date of event 17th October 2023

Wickham Micro, a prominent member of the Cormica Group, is pleased to announce a significant expansion of its bacterial endotoxin testing facilities. The expansion comes in response to the increasing demand for high-quality microbiology services in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries.


Wickham Micro's commitment to excellence and innovation has driven this expansion, resulting in a 40% increase in laboratory space. This growth reflects the company's dedication to providing excellence in microbiology testing services without compromise.


One of the key achievements of this expansion is the implementation of a leaner process, which has boosted efficiency by an impressive 33%. This strategic improvement ensures that clients receive quicker turnaround times without compromising on the quality and accuracy of the testing services provided.


To support the expanded operations and enhance safety measures, Wickham Micro has also invested in new equipment, including extra safety cabinets and plate readers. This addition reinforces the company's commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards in the industry.


In just two years, the Wickham Micro Bacterial endotoxin department has seen a remarkable 50% growth in its workforce. This investment in talent within the local area underscores the company's dedication to fostering the next generation of experts in microbiology.


Wickham Micro takes pride in being one of the few laboratories in the UK capable of performing cytotoxicity testing. As part of the Cormica Group, Wickham Micro also holds the distinction of being one of the largest Microbiology laboratory in the United Kingdom. This expansion reaffirms Wickham Micro's position as a leader in microbiology testing services.


With this expansion, Wickham Micro continues to uphold the high standards of quality and reliability that Cormica and its group laboratories are renowned for. The company's dedication to delivering exceptional testing services will undoubtedly benefit clients in the medical device and pharmaceutical sectors.

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