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Wickham Labs Announces Upcoming Webinar on Microbiological Considerations in Cleanroom Validation

Date of event 5th March 2019

Wickham Laboratories is proud to present a live webinar on, 'Microbiological Considerations in Cleanroom Validation' conducted by our Microbiology Business Support Co-ordinator and one of our QC Laboratory Senior Technicians.

Any contamination, microbiological or otherwise, is a major safety concern during the development of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

During this webinar our presenters will discuss the applicable grading systems & standards of environmental monitoring. They will also be reviewing what the key considerations during the development programmes are including topics such as data trending and the importance of disinfection procedures.

Given aseptic processing relies on the prevention of microorganisms from entering products or test systems during testing or manufacturing, it is evident that these considerations must not be taken lightly as the impact can be devastating to both the end users and the companies involved in the product life cycle.

Webinar Microbiological 

Please register today for FREE and join us LIVE on the 20th of March, (3PM London / 10AM New York) through Business Review Webinar's website: http://bit.ly/2SYDjwz.

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