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Wickham Laboratories is now able to offer additional medical devices testing

Date of event 6th August 2013

Thanks to its partnership with a leading materials technology company, Wickham Laboratories is now able to offer the medical devices industry comprehensive testing and analysis (including chemical, physical, mechanical, microstructural, electrical, thermal, surface, imaging, colour and biocompatibility) to enable:

  • Materials/product characterisation – understand your materials and how they affect performance
  • QA/QC – ensure batch consistency through pre-defined protocols or by using Ceram to help develop an appropriate protocol.
  • Regulatory approval – ensure data is accurate and complete for FDA approval/CE marking.
  • Cleanliness validation – achieve and maintain cleanliness, understand the significance of changes to manufacturing processes, and identify contaminants.
  • Failure analysis – identify root causes, solve failures and prevent reoccurrence.
  • Process troubleshooting/optimisation – improve yields and performance, minimise failures.

Our partners also act as an extension to clients’ R&D teams by providing materials/product/process development.

If you have got any questions or queries related to testing methods, please contact us directly on +44 (0) 1329 226600 

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