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Wickham Laboratories announces completion of validation on a fourth isolator.

Date of event 26th June 2017

Wickham Laboratories is delighted to announce the validation of a new half-suit isolator for our growing sterility department.

In order to keep up with an increasing demand for sterility testing and be able to meet our client’s expectations for the best service and reduced turnaround times, we have continued the development of our sterility department following on from the addition of a third isolator in 2015 and the expansion of our sterility cleanroom’s footprint in 2016.

As one of the leading sterility testing laboratories in the UK, we understand the important role this crucial quality control test plays for both the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries, to ensure their products meet regulatory requirements for patient safety.

With the addition of this new isolator, we are pleased to now have on offer four fully functional half-suit isolators, increasing our capabilities and allowing us to maintain only the highest quality of service for both our existing and new clients.

Sterility testing at Wickham Laboratories 

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