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Why is it worth to attend the ICSE? Get familiar with 5 key reasons identified by Wickham Laboratories

Date of event 31st October 2013

This year Wickham Laboratories attended the ICSE for the second time. Similarly to the last year, the event gathered hundreds of companies from the healthcare industry from all around the world and attracted thousands of delegates who were looking for various products and services. Rather than presenting you with a report saying about our perceptions on the show, we have decided to share the main factors we believe make the conference very successful for any business in this sector, and why Wickham Laboratories decided to exhibit again this year in Frankfurt and consider doing it again in the future. Hope you will find this of interest.

Reason 1#

Getting your brand name out at the international arena: increased visibility

Making sure that your company is present at international events is a key initiative to prove the high level of engagement and business credibility to your customers. Some of them can even visit your stand and exchange compliments so you need to be prepared in terms of who is there and what work you do for them. This leads to enhancing the relationship you have with clients and gives an opportunity to get to know them in different circumstances.

Reason 2#

Expanding your business activities to other countries

If you have already thought about business expansion, getting involved into the ICSE is the right option for you. Whether you know which countries you want to target or not, the event gives you a chance to speak to people from companies that represent different cultural and organisational approaches and which are based worldwide. It’s an ideal place to conduct your market research and test your product/service proposition.

Reason 3#

Catching up on the industry news and changes

Do you ever get that feeling that even though you try to keep up to date with all the industry novelties, you still miss out on something truly important? If your answer is yes, then it means you should definitely take the advantage of the variety of seminars organised alongside the main exhibition. Anyone can benefit both from the series of more focused talks and general discussions about what happens in the healthcare sector and what potential impact the changes may have on your business and you as an individual.

Reason 4#


Are you looking for new business partners or distributors? Get yourself noticed and demonstrate that you know your business well. If others see that you are passionate about what you do, they will be more willing to recommend you to others and to contact you in case they might require using your services in the future.

Reason 5#

Learning from others, learning from your competition

If you are not entirely sure whether the way in which you promote your business is working for you, the only method to find out is to see what your competitors do and how they do it. Do you think you tend to arrange things in a more organised manner? Or do you believe that some of their initiatives are more creative than yours? What would be better than checking this yourself and reviewing their promotional materials and brochures for a comparison? The manner your competition introduce their brands and prepare the stands and the visuals could become critical in affecting customers’ choices and preferences. Do not stay behind!

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