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UKAS pass 2010 inspection: June 2010

Date of event 30th June 2010

Wickham Laboratories Ltd would like to announce that the laboratory has passed inspection of 2010. Wickham Laboratories Ltd was once again visited by UKAS inspectors as part of their annual accreditation procedures. Assessors came to the laboratories in February 2010 and have now published the updated schedule. Wickham Laboratories would like to bring to your attention that the current certificate is still valid. Should you require a copy it is still available on our website. You can click on the UKAS logo at the top right of all the webpage's within the site. It may take a few minutes to load as a PDF and then you will be able to save or print it for your own use. (See the picture above). Alternatively, you can click on 'Quality Assurance' and then 'Accreditations' from the blue menu. The link below will take you to the page: UKAS accreditation links There, you will also find a link to the Full Schedule of Accreditation or you can use this link to straight to the UKAS website: UKAS Full Accreditation Schedule

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