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Rapid Testing Methods Published in EPR

Date of event 30th January 2018

Wickham Laboratories is pleased to announce the publication of a thought leadership piece on “Rapid Testing Methods: the cost-effective safety solution” which was featured in European Pharmaceutical Review’s December 2017 issue.

In this article, Dr Lynne Murdoch discusses some of the issues companies face to get their products on the market more quickly as well as some of the challenges in transitioning from traditional methods to rapid testing.

A brief abstract of the article is available below:

When thinking about the future of the pharmaceutical sector, it can be difficult to pinpoint a specific focus as there are a wide range of challenges that come into consideration across all stages of development and manufacturing.

MANY companies are facing an increased demand to get products to market more quickly while, at the same time, facing internal pressure to cut costs during the development life cycle.

Regardless of any aim to cut costs, quality control at all stages of the product life cycle is vital given that contamination, microbiological or otherwise, is a key safety concern with life-threatening consequences if not taken seriously.

If you are interested in reading our piece on rapid methods in full, please visit the EPR website or contact us to request a copy of the article.

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