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Partnership with AquAid

Date of event 19th November 2015

Wickham Laboratories, proud supporters of AquAid.

Wickham Laboratories AquaAid Well

At Wickham Laboratories, we believe in the importance of charitable endeavours at home and abroad.  As part of this, we have supported AquAid for several years in their efforts to provide vital water assistance to communities in need.

We are proud to announce that thanks to our ongoing support of AquAid Water Coolers we are sponsoring another water well in Africa – this time a new design Elephant Pump in Mozambique.

New Style Water Well in Mozambique

While our original Elephant Pump helps to bring clean and safe drinking water to many hundreds of people in a large village; in Mozambique, communities are more dispersed with small clusters of families, so a smaller pump is ideal. That plus the fact that the water table in Mozambique is not as deep, has led to this new, quicker to erect and more cost-effective water well design.

We are pleased to be able to make a difference in these communities and look forward to continuing our support.

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