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NHS QA and Technical Services Symposium: 24th-25th of September 2013 (Chester)

Date of event 30th September 2013

nhs website 2013 - Wickham Laboratories

On the 24th and 25th of September 2013 Wickham Laboratories attended the NHS Quality Assurance and Technical Services Symposium held at The Crowne Plaza, Chester. Our company was represented by the Marketing Associate and Business Manager, willing to talk about recent changes in the healthcare sector and microbiology services offered by the brand, and who were based at the stand 39 in Chester Suite. The event gathered 48 exhibitors and approximately 200 delegates from various parts of the country.

Amid the businesses who participated in the conference as exhibitors, there were mainly manufacturers of licensed and specials medicines, contamination control products suppliers, validation services providers, medical devices manufacturers, microbiology testing laboratories and cleanroom disinfectants sellers. In turn the delegate group consisted of hospitals’, infirmaries’ and medical centres’ representatives, pharmaceutical companies, higher education entrants (universities) and quality and risk management specialists.

The format of the event encouraged delegates to attend the lead and optional sessions, and to listen to the talks given by the key industry speakers who agreed to explain and discuss subjects such as learning from errors, water systems and microbiological contamination risks, falsified medicines directives and computer validation. The exhibition area was separated from the lecture and workshop halls so that delegates could visit the stands at the time convenient for them and without any interruption to presenters.

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