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New Website Design

Date of event 22nd July 2013

The design and layout of our company website have changed. It has been created in a way which enables easier navigation and use of the site by the visitor.

Thanks to the improvements applied, you are able to find details regarding testing methods you are interested in by simply choosing the relevant service and then clicking ‘Read more’ tabs which follow after a brief service introduction. You can also request a digital version of our service brochure which will give you an insight of what Wickham Laboratories specialises in. We would also like to let you know that the website has a functionality of a responsive design. This means that if you decide to browse it on your mobile devices, the site will automatically adjust to the screen dimensions and you will be able to view it in the same way as on your desktop or laptop computer. We always value your opinion, therefore, if you have got any suggestions in terms of the website, we would be very happy to hear your feedback.

New Website - Wickham Laboratories

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