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Med-Tech Expo 2013

Date of event 16th April 2013

Last week (Thursday 11th April) Wickham Laboratories visited Med-Tech Innovation Expo 2013 which was held at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry.

Med-Tech  2013 

There were almost 80 companies stands, each accompanied by usually 2 or 3 delegates. Exhibitors represented a range of industries including clean rooms, components, materials, packaging, manufacturing services and equipment, testing, tubing and plastics, etc. The event was an excellent opportunity to meet people and businesses from the same industry and to engage in a spot of networking. As well as the exhibition there were a variety of conferences and talks for those who were interested in innovations presented by experts from the medical device field. We found the exhibition very compelling and took an active approach in regards to exploring all stands offerings. Our Business Development Manager got involved in taking the “Operation” challenge (organised by Norgren), and he came up as third with the result of 45 seconds. The novelty competition was a race against time to remove medical device parts out of the patient without touching the conductive edges and setting off the nose buzzer! Overall, MedTech Innovation was a well organised event definitely worth recommending.

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