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Marketing Week Live 2013 (Olympia, London)

Date of event 27th June 2013

Marketing Week 2013 - Wickham Laboratories

Yesterday (26th of June 2013) Wickham Laboratories was represented by its Marketing person at Marketing Week Live show held annually at Olympia, London. The event is Europe’s largest and most popular marketing gathering and its purpose is to demonstrate the latest knowledge and technologies necessary for companies to pursue smart Marketing activities. It was a great opportunity to meet leading market suppliers and talk to experts from the following categories: Customer Loyalty, Digital and Data, Insight, Live, Promotional Merchandise, Retail and Career Development. As a visitor, Wickham Laboratories took an advantage of various conferences and seminars led by industry professionals from big firms such us TUI, Econsultancy, BT or The Foundry. It has not been confirmed yet how many exhibitors took part in the event. However, last year there were around 500 companies exhibiting and approximately 13,300 marketers attending the show. These figures indicate that Marketing Week Live constitutes a place where visitors look for inspiration from successful stories and campaigns that they can apply to their own ideas and businesses.

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