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2020 Pharmig Conference Goes Virtual: Wickham Laboratories to Present

Date of event 17th November 2020

Wickham Laboratories will be presenting at Pharmig’s Virtual Conference, which is going live 1st – 4th December 2020.

The 28th annual conference will be held virtually this year, hosting an array of technical presentations. We are pleased to announce we will be sponsoring one of the commercial sessions and presenting, ‘Microbiological Considerations in Cleanroom Manufacturing’, on Tuesday 1st December, at 10:30AM (GMT).

Top of mind for many in the industry now is the importance of ensuring an aseptic environment in the production of critical medicines, devices and vaccines.

Wickham Labs Pharmig 2020

In addition to a robust environmental monitoring programme, one of the key considerations in cleanroom manufacturing must be the materials utilised in construction of the facility.

Our presentation will cover a brief overview of the history behind and regulations around cleanrooms before moving into a detailed discussion on what materials should be used and how these materials can support or prevent microbiological growth.

If you would like to join us and find out more, you can register to join the conference here.

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